Why Steel

Construction Cost
A Terra-Steel Home is similar in cost to a wood framed home, and in many cases, depending on design, much lower.

The walls of a Terra-Steel Home will be straight and plumb for a lifetime.
Steel framing has long been recognized in commercial construction for its strength and resistant qualities.

With the strength of steel.
A steel framed Terra-Steel Home will have a lower maintenance cost, be straight, strong and stable for the life of the home, because steel is strong, dimensional stable and straight.

Steel, as a construction material is better, safer and stronger.
Could you imagine how structurally stable would be these days the Empire State if framed with wood in 1930?


Framing the Empire State, 1930                                                                 Empire State. Today

10 reasons why it is time for Terra-Steel homes:

1.- Equal or lower construction cost than traditional stick frame construction.

2.- Labor savings: Prefabricated, assembles like an erector set, no specialized labor needed.

3.- Prefabricated. Structure is built in 1/3 the time of wood framing.

4.- Wood quality is down and prices are climbing.

5.- Eco friendly: over 66% of steel is recycled, and uses the greenest of all construction materials: Non organic earth soil.

6.- Healthy homes free of formaldehyde, radon, mold and allergens.

7.- Safer in fires: will not add fuel to fire and will not collapse as easily as wood does.

8.- Stronger: Engineered for 100 MPH winds, or more, in areas where it is needed.

9.- Flexibility: 300 + home models available in standard; 11,000+ home designs available. Any home that you can build with wood can be built with Terra-Steel, just better.

10.- Termite and fungus resistant.