Frequently Asked Questions

Will my home look different than other houses in the neighborhood?

It depends entirely on your choice. Your Terra-Steel Home could look identical than conventional homes, applying stucco on the outside and drywall on the inside, or you can have a beautiful, natural home in which your exterior walls on both sides can show the earth exposed, as shown in the last video shown here. For this option, we suggest finishing walls with a wire brushing, right after building them when walls are humid and fresh. This will provide a uniform texture and will erase the forming marks. When walls are dry you could leave them as this, or you could apply a VOC free matte varnish. Those will be the most beautiful and natural walls that you will ever see.

Can I see a Terra-Steel home?

Yes, you are invited to visiting us in Chihuahua, Mexico, and we will show you the system. We have daily flights from Houston and Dallas, and we will be glad to pick you up at the airport. We will deduct your flight cost from your Terra-Steel kit price.

Why Terra-Steel Homes are structurally stronger than regular red iron framed homes?

Red iron framed homes are structurally engineered exactly in the same way than Terra-Steel homes. The difference is that traditional steel homes use an exterior sheathing built with 7/16” OSB, attached to the main and the secondary structure with self-tapping screws, typically spaced @ 8”. Sheathing is engineered to help the structure carry lateral loads, like wind and earthquake. Terra-Steel homes’ walls are solid and built on the same thickness as columns (Typically 8”), providing enormous additional strength versus lateral structural loads. In addition, at sub-floor and roof base levels we build steel reinforced concrete chains, which re-bars are welded to columns. Very conservatively we can mention that the synergy created by combining a Terra-Steel heavy gauge steel frame with rammed earth walls, makes a structure 10 times stronger versus lateral loads when compared to typical heavy gauge red iron steel framed homes.

How long could be the life of my Terra-Steel home?

Your Terra-Steel home or building can be in perfect shape for the next 200 years, or more.

How much maintenance my Terra-Steel will require?

Perhaps only painting every few years, and if the Terra-Steel walls are exposed natural, not even that.

Can I build my own Terra-Steel home?

Definitively, even if you have no construction experience, we can teach you in 20 minutes how to build a Terra-Steel Home. The Terra-Steel construction system has been recognized by African governments like the easiest one for self-construction.

You say that Terra-Steel is the easiest system for self-construction; however, the hotel steel structure shown in the website looks quite complex. How is that?

You’re right, the bigger the project, the more complex it is. Uni-family gable roof homes are much easier. When comparing Terra-Steel to other construction systems you will realize how easy it is.

How much is the cost difference between Terra-Steel and stick frame homes?

Although steel prices are higher than those of wood, it is our objective through scale economies to offer you a similar cost than wood framed homes, and lower cost than traditional heavy gauge, red iron steel homes.