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Some advantages of Terra-Steel

Energy Savings

The Terra-Steel walls provide high thermal mass.

Thermal mass is the ability of building materials to store heat. The Terra-Steel system has a high thermal mass, which can reduce total heating and cooling energy requirements by up to 25% compared to a home built with lightweight construction materials with a low thermal mass.

Durability and lower maintenance required

The Terra-Steel system combines steel structures with earth walls, providing higher resistance and endurance for generations to come, and a lower maintenance required.

A beautiful example of early earth construction in the USA is the Holy Cross Church:

Holy Cross Church built with earth walls in 1850 in Stateburg, SC, USA

Sound Reduction

Due to walls density exterior noises are kept out.


Buyers of energy efficient homes can qualify for mortgages at higher debt-to-income ratios than they would for conventional mortgages through the program administered by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Lower Maintenance required, and Higher Resale Value

Quality built Terra-Steel Homes cost less to maintain and will deliver a higher resale value for years to come.