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Steel Frame Homes have evolved. Now you can have all the advantages of steel structures on healthy, greener and safer homes, with the highest quality at lower cost.

We, at Sunway Homes invented Terra-Steel, the greenest and safest steel home construction system available today.

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First Prize, National Steel Award, Home Construction Category. Mexico, 1996.

The historical Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City provided a grand setting for the Granting Ceremony of Mexico’s

First National Steel Award

At the August 16, 1996 celebration, the National Chamber of the Iron and Steel Industry awarded Sunway Homes the prize in the category of Residential Construction.

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Before the mortgage crisis we had a contract for building 130 buildings named “Peace Palaces” for the Maharishi organization, in the USA, Mexico and Brazil. The value of each building was $980,000 USD. 15 of those buildings were under construction in Smith Center, Kansas. The following is the TV news story:

About the grand opening of one of the developments, with eight buildings that we built for the Maharishi organization, in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico:


About the development of 50 buildings we were building for the Maharishi organization in Smith Center, Kansas. The first phase of 15 buildings was under construction:

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